Rhacodactylus Leachianus

Theese geckoes are one of the largest in the world, and they can grow from 22cm to 40cm, depends on a location. The largest can weigh about 500 grams.

Leachianus live in forrests of the New Caledonia islands, where they can get over 40 years old.

Geckos feed on fruits and insect and sometimes larger animals such as other small geckos or mices.

Here is our way to take care of Leachianus

Babies and youngsters are beeing held in small boxes as shown in the picture.

Box size is 20x20x30 cm. Bigger boxes can make babies insecure and that could lead to poor well-being.

Good ventilation at the top, a paper in the bottom, in that way you can hold an eye on their eating and pooping. A piece of tree bark is execellent for them to crawl and sleep on.

All youngster gets food twice a week. Mashed fruit or Repashy left in the box for about to days. Once a week they get crickets or cockrouches with some calcium and vitamin D powder on. Size of them must not be bigger as geckoes mouth. We water enclosure three times a week.



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